Just sayin’……


In 1989, I heard Oprah saying through the TV screen:  “Find your passion…then DO IT!”    She was talking to me. 

  From the grind of the  corporate world, to the challenges (and joys!) of full-time motherhood, I understood the meaning of WORK.  But Oprah’s words rang in my ears for several years. 

A budding photographer since the age of 10,  I always found creative ways to take a picture.   Years later,  I started out strictly shooting sceneries, my biggest fan (mom) telling me how wonderful they were.  But that’s a mother’s opinion…the same person who thought my finger painting was worthy of a spot at the Met Museum!  So I decided to see what happened if I tried to sell these images…and was completely euphoric  when I almost sold out in one night!   With this new-found confidence, I started my business in 2007.

As I shoot , I think about  how photography makes me feel.  I become truly immersed in  the beauty of nature, the smiles on children, & the love between friends & family, while I peer through my lens.    

When I began to get goosebumps, I realized…this was my PASSION!!  And,  I DID IT! ! 

Laura Byrne